Tyrone's Prayer and Prayer Vigil

"O Lord, My God Turn Our Hurts Into A Harvest"
This page is a tribute to the wounded warriors and to the thousands who never came home... and the millions who did.

by Tyrone T. Dancy


"Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, right now I sow as seed into your Kingdom every prejudice, injury, loss and injustice I ever experience. I sow as seed every hurt, pain, discrimination, and unfairness ever done against the veterans’ community.
I sow as seed into your kingdom Lord every theft, rejection, lack, limitation, hurt, injury, wound, suffering, set back, insult, lie, critical word, and deceit I ever experience. I also sow as seed into your kingdom every evil act, hostility and wrong ever done against me, my family, my ancestors their accomplishments or endeavors.

I release every person who has ever hurt me and have spoken disparagingly of me. I forgive them now. I let go and let You Dear God do your perfect will in this matter. I lift up to You Lord each one of them and I pray for them now. I pray Father, Dear merciful God I pray that, they will come into your grace and learn of your love and receive salvation. O Merciful Father, perform your perfect will in this matter. Have mercy on the veterans’ community, their love ones, dependents and survivors. Heavenly Father please receive this fervent prayer request to turn every hurtful, harmful act, every loss benefit, denial and misrepresentation ever experienced by the veterans’ community into an abundant harvest of blessings. It is written “life and death are in the power of the tongue” Proverbs: 18:21 I speak restoration into our lives, I speak compensation into our lives. I declare before you Almighty God that we claim by faith and anticipate and expect recompense.

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I believe your Word, and by faith, I set my sickle to my harvest. I believe we will receive a hundred fold give back for every wrongful act and hurt ever committed against us, and every unkind word, injustice and benefit stolen from us. I eagerly anticipate an outpouring of blessings, and double portions. I claim it, it is ours now. We have it by faith and I believe we will receive. In the Name of The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we thank You Father God for turning our set backs and doors closed on us into a wonderful and plentiful harvest. We thank You Merciful God, for turning our set backs into prosperous magnificent comebacks. O Lord we thank You for turning our hurts into an incredible and enormous yield, of special comforts, and blessings of abundance and prosperity. Allow us to rise above every limiting situation and receive your favor, support and progression. O Lord help us, heal us, restore us, and make us whole and well in body, mind and spirit. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray, amen."

From Serving Under Adverse Conditions written by Tyrone T Dancy, Med. Retired Combat Vietnam Veteran, recipient of the Purple Heart, Combat infantry badge, and Bronze Star for Valor. www.TyroneTDancy.com. this prayer has been revised 2008 by Tyrone T. Dancy for this Publication.

Prayer Vigil is Required for the Wounded Soldiers/Veterans Coming Home

Tyrone T Dancy

What is required now in behalf of all military personnel and their families and also the veteran’s community, their dependents and survivors is a prayer vigil. A vigil is a time of “Vigilance”, Wakefulness, and a Watch. Please put the above mentioned group at the top of your prayer list. Talk to God about their circumstances and horrific conditions. For details on the horrific conditions facing wounded soldiers/veterans visit: www.aarp.org/iraqvets.

Troops are returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan with horrific injuries that were often fatal in the past wars, are now turning the vets’ parents into long term care givers. Be sure to get a copy of AARP July and August 2008 magazine. On page 60 the article by Barry Yeoman “When Wounded Vets Come Home”-It covers how more troops than ever are surviving the fearsome injuries of war, parents are being thrust into the role of long term care givers. The estimate number of soldiers returning home with brain injuries might total 320.000. The total returning home with PTSD is 226.000. Please set aside time to pray specifically for Americas’ military personnel and returning injured soldiers/veterans. Your prayers should include veterans from all previous wars. Some are still suffering from wounds sustained during combat some 25, 35 or 50 years ago. My prayer “O Lord my God, Turn Our Hurts into A Harvest” consists of prayer affirmations, prayer of healing and restoration, prayer meditation, prayer of forgiveness, and prayer of surrender and supplication. You can use it, or use it as a model to formulate your own prayer in behalf of wounded soldiers/veterans.

For additional insight into what happens to some veterans when they return home read Serving Under Adverse Conditions.

I am happy to announce the Deacon Ordination and Installation of Brother Tyrone T. Dancy as Deacon within the Baptist Church leadership structure: On November 11th, 2012 he was ordained Deacon Tyrone T. Dancy. Please join us in congratulating and spiritually supporting him with prayers, uplifting words, and thoughts. Isaiah 14:27. CONGRATULATIONS!