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Serving Under Adverse Conditions – Wars and the Aftermath
Tyrone T. Dancy

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Tyrone T. Dancy has completed what he considers his long overdue book: Serving Under Adverse Conditions – Wars and the Aftermath. In Serving Under Adverse Conditions, Tyrone takes you well beyond the comforts of yellow ribbons, the American flag, patriotic bumper stickers and bows... and places before you the harsh, sobering reality of combat service.

Serving Under Adverse Conditions clearly discloses the tragic aftermath of war and, its disabling — sometimes permanent — impact on the lives of those who serve. This unflinching tell-all reveals disturbing facts about the unsung ebony heroes in our midst, and how America has ignored their valor and steady contribution for centuries. Tyrone includes both a personal message and proposal to the current Administration, the Senate, Congress, the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs. Learn of his prayer and daily petition for the veterans community, their dependents and survivors.

Read an excerpt from Serving Under Adverse Conditions - Wars and the Aftermath.

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To order Serving Under Adverse Conditions, visit Amazon.com, call the publisher (Author House Publishing) direct at (888) 280–7715, or Contact Tyrone.